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What should I do or avoid after getting my massage?

We suggest you unplug and unwind after a massage, although some light movement like a walk, yoga or simple stretches may feel nice. A warm Epsom salt bath or a warm/hot shower may feel good as well. It is very important to drink water after massage to continue to hydrate your body. If you happen to get sore after your treatment, you can apply a covered ice pack or cold cloth to the affected area for a few minutes to calm it down and ease pain.

Do I have to take off all my clothes?

No. Please dress down to your comfort level. Most people dress down to their underwear, in privacy. You will lay down between the sheets & will be fully covered. Your therapist will only undrape one body part at a time.

Do I need a doctors referral to see you?

You do not need a doctors referral to see a Massage Therapist. Although, please check to see if your extended benefit plan requires a doctors referral for coverage.

Do you provide prenatal/post partum massage?

Yes we do! We even have these amazing maternity pillows that allow you to lay face down as your belly grows. Its wonderful!

How do I know how much my extended benefit plan covers

We recommend contacting your insurance company, prior to your visit to ensure coverage and direct billing. For privacy reasons, we will are unable to see your full benefit coverage. We are only able to check eligibility and submit claims on a case by case basis. When you receive your benefit plan booklet or member card, there should be a phone number that you can call to confirm your total coverage.

Do you accept tips?

No, we do not accept tips. If you really enjoyed the treatment you received, please consider writing us a google review or recommending us to a friend or family member. Thank you. :)

Do you take debit or credit cards?


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